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Josh Wentworth

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  • Black Belt

Coach Josh's martial arts journey began when he was 14 with Taekwondo, he competed exensively and was promoted to black belt after only 4 years. As a black belt he continued to compete and was ranked 8th nationally in the ITF. At 16, while training and competing in Taekwondo he joined the Oglethorpe Highschool Wrestling team where he was able to wrestle Varsity for his Junior and Senior years. After graduating and dabbling in a variety of martial arts he fell in love with Brazilian Jiujitsu and began training under Adam and Rory Singer in 2006 before finding his way to Casey Baynes under whom he was awarded his Black Belt in 2020. 

Coach Josh has competed extensively and is a NAGA Expert division champion, New Breed Expert division champion, a Grappling Industries Expert division champion, an IBJJF Gold medalist at Purple belt, and a multi-time US Grappling expert division gold medalist. 

As a Coach he is continually pursuing improvement in his coaching methodology and style and as a result is on the cutting edge of Jiujitsu instructional theory. He is a member of the BJJ Mental Models review team and has been a contributor to both the Forever Whitebelt podcast and the BJJ Mental Models podcast. 

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